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Your Employees First Learning Library is a private portal curated just for Levi's. Our intent is to provide your organization with any educational materials and resources you may need about our program mission, construct, and operations. 


Should you encounter any issues with the site or have any questions, please contact us at

The information contained on this page is proprietary and is not intended to be shared by you or your organization internally or externally in accordance with your signed NDA. Thank you. 

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Welcome to your customized

Learning Library

Feel empowered with transparency, choice and control

General Program Information


Supplemental Health Plan Overview: Whitepaper

The Market Evolution and Why It Matters to Plan Fiduciaries

Employees First Program Overview

A detailed look at the Employees First captive program, program structure, best practices, and framework

Levi's: Roadmap with Employees First

A timeline of what to expect customized just for your organization.  

Roles & Responsibilities Chart

Tasks associated with Employees First captive program and which party completes each task.

Dollar Flow and Contractual Framework

A look at how the "found" dollars will flow with the implementation of the Employees First captive program.

What's the Same, What's Different

A quick breakdown of the minimal changes to expect.

Commission & Experience Rated Refunds

A look at converting commission-based fee payments to ERR-based fee payments for brokers and additional distribution options for employers.


Benefits-Captive-as-a-Service for Voluntary Benefits

With our Benefits-Captive-as-a-Service model, you as the plan fiduciary gain control of the “found dollars,” and you have the ability to choose how to use them to enhance employee benefits:

1. Lower plan cost

2. Raise plan value through more paid claims

3. Reinvest in additional benefits or plan expenses

Employees First: Perspectives 

These documents are highly proprietary and confidential and will be made available only to legal counsel. 

ERISA Compliance and Fiduciary Controls - Table of Contents

This document is highly proprietary and confidential. The full version is available and will only be sent to specific members of your organization upon request.

Letter of Approval

A prohibited transaction Opinion Letter from Groom Law.

Compliance Memo

Specific-scope ERISA analysis memo by Tier 1 ERISA firm Foley and Lardner.

Questions? We're here to help...

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