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Employee happy knowing that her employer puts employees first

We put employees first, above all.

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Through our ability to envision how existing voluntary benefits can be reimagined, Employees First has created a revolutionary new model of opportunity for employers.  

A Better Way Forward


Employees First employs a transparent model to put dollars back into benefits that elevate employees' Total Rewards. In an era where rising costs of healthcare benefits have essentially countered annual raises, our solution couldn't come at a better time. When it matters more than ever, we put employees first.

Ethical   |   Transparent   |   Compliant

Employer offering employees better benefits.

If you could find millions of dollars in untapped savings to use toward expanding employee benefits, wouldn’t you?


We may have found that money for you.

The new program model developed by Employees First gives large-market employers unrivaled access to dollars that can elevate benefits. These are dollars that were previously committed to industry profit margins, and maybe more importantly, not within Plan Fiduciary line-of-sight.

Optimize Your Benefits

"Found" dollars can be redirected to elevate your benefit options

An Experienced Team

Industry expertise with a proven record of innovation and positive disruption

Estimate the savings

What are 
Experience Rated Refunds?

Experience Rated Refunds (ERRs) are the plan dollars remaining after plan expenses and claims. Similar to a self-funded plan, these dollars are made available to the plan for reinvestment. The Plan Fiduciary can choose how to use these dollars, within allowable legal limits, to support overall benefit objectives:

  • Lower the plan cost so that employees pay less

  • Elevate the benefits so more dollars go toward paying claims

  • Fund additional value-add benefit programs for employees 

  • Pay plan expenses like consulting, administration, etc.

Regardless of the decision, the dollars always go back to the employees, where they belong - not to insurance industry profit margins.   ​

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