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Experience Rated Refunds

Experience Rated Refunds (ERRs) are the plan dollars remaining after plan expenses and claims. Similar to a self-funded plan, these dollars are made available to the plan for reinvestment. The Plan Fiduciary may choose how to use these dollars, within allowable legal limits, to support overall health and well-being benefit objectives:

  • Lower the plan cost so that employees pay less

  • Elevate the benefits so more dollars go towards paying claims

  • Fund additional value-add benefit programs for employees 

  • Pay plan expenses like consulting, administration, etc.


Regardless of the decision, the dollars always go back to the employees, where they belong - not to insurance industry profit margins.

Ideas on how to use Experience Rated Refunds

Now more than ever, employers are challenged to do more with less. Too often, budget limitations override highly valuable benefit enhancements that can truly make a difference for employees and their families. This is why at Employees First, we are delighted our program could potentially help solve this dilemma, at least in part. Click below for ideas that could be game-changing enhancements to your benefit offerings...

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