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What We Do

Employees First has uncovered a legal, ethical and administratively simple method to redirect surplus employee-paid dollars in voluntary benefits, back to the employees’ Total Rewards ...where the dollars belong.

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How We Do It

See how the program works

Overview in 60 seconds

As simple as A B C


No changes for employees

except for an increase in their plan value

It's the same fully insured plan, except with higher value. Employees pay the premium through payroll deduction, receive the policy from the carrier, and work directly with the carrier if they have a claim - exactly like traditional, fully insured plans. 


No changes for employers

 except for transparency over every penny

No change to the insurance carrier relationship or plan administration, including tech credits. 

What does change? Employers now have the transparency, control and choice similar to self-funded plans - like they've never had with traditional, fully insured plans.


No changes to plan risk  it's still fully insured with the carriers you know

The captive is the vehicle that allowes fully insured plan to operate like a self-funded plan. But, just like traditioanl fully insured plans, employers will never have to pay claims, even if the claim dollars exceed the premium dollars.

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